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...hold on to me and don't let go...
...destiny's worth more than you know...
...achieve the highest skies to fly...
...only for it to burn and die...
Still trying to manually update these pages here, but it's not working very well. heh *sigh*
I've been trying to work on this sketch for a couple days and actually started coloring the sketch... which I really shouldn't have done because now the colors in some places looks bad. woops. Oh, well, it was just a random sketch anyway. This is Finding One's Limits, a scene that I have yet to write. In the foreground is Marix with his black, feather-type wings looking toward Hisoka up in the sky. The setting is Hisoka needs to test his own abilities and find exactly how far he can go--safely. This scene depicts him accessing his ultimate dragon form. What happens after is a least until I write the chapter. heh
So, I'm trying to fix up these pages, but it's driving me crazy because I'm editing the raw HTML and it's getting very, very messy. ARG! I've added a couple "new" images for the characters.
I'm kinda confused. I thought for sure I updated these pages a couple times in 2010 but apparently I never put an update notice here. heh Anyway, new chapter is up. It's one of my longer chapters, but I cover a lot of ground in it, setting various important things up for later. I wasn't completely finished editing this chapter, so there may be minor edits done without warning. I simply had been working on it for too long; I need to keep pressing ahead or this thing will never be finished!! I've also made a new character sketch of a devil that appears in this chapter...however, the sketch is NOTHING like what I imagined. *disappointment* You can find the sketch here:
Fate is the Devil Perched on My Shoulders
So I thought redirecting traffic to my main site over here would have worked...but it kinda didn't and then the main domain wouldn't load... Annoying. Everything should be working now, though.
I managed to fix some major story goofs that I had in Book 2, Chapter 11 and I also merged what I had written for Chapter 12 with Chapter 11 so it flows a little bit better than before. I have yet to write a new chapter but there's an interesting conversation between Hisoka & Marix that takes place at the end of Chapter 11. The more I think of these brothers, the more I like them...and it's effecting my original plans for them... We'll see what changes.
Has it seriously been a YEAR since I've done anything with this story!? I'm soooo depressed now. Well, I just uploaded a really pathetic new section to the story page. I've been writing a few pages in my story notebook and the latest thing I've written was a sort of character monologue segment. I don't have my notebook with me right now so I couldn't type up those entries, but I quickly typed something up to fill the space (and use my down time to do something) in the meantime. Hopefully I can get around to fixing a HUGE mistake in Chapter 11 and continue writing Chapter 12. Ahhh, there are so many things I want to do but never seem to find the time to do it...
Nothing new with the story these days, but I'm rearranging everything for this new black/white/red design. A friend of mine said it's pretty plain, but that's the way I like it. haha Plus I'm not completely finished with the design yet, so I'll be making updates and changes around here a bit more often. AND HOPEFULLY!! I can get some new chapters written. I've been having other story ideas asside from gdragon, which is bad when I need to get this story finished first...heh
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